Frequently Asked Questions


Valleys Xtreme is an extreme enduro, so it's designed to push you and the bike to the limit. The AM race is designed around Clubman and Sportsman riders, on a challenging yet enjoyable track. Our goal is to provide an optimum riding experience for all levels.

As an extreme, we aim to push you as a rider, but ultimately allow you to overcome the obstacles. Last year 87% of riders completed one lap. Push yourself and see what you're capable of.

We run the following races

Valleys Lite

AM Race

PM Race

There are no classes within these races

YES. All our events are running through IOPD you will require a IOPD licence

If you don't have an IOPD Licence you will need either a day licence which you can pay for at signing on for the price of £15.00 or an annual licence which is £25.

No. All these will be provided to you when you turn up to the event and sign on at Registration.

Over 500 riders take part and we normally have many named international riders too.

They need to be a minimum age of 14 years old.

The finish flag comes out at the finish time for each race, Am is 11:00am PM is 3:00pm if you are still out on course you will be stopped at the next checkpoint, your finish position will be reverted to the previous checkpoint you had ridden through. E.G. Lap 2, Checkpoint 1.

The results are usually live over the race weekend, you can view this via our Facebook page. The link on the website for the results and photos get posted a week after the event. This gives us time to correlate all the data and present it correctly. We will announce the top three in the Xtreme races and give out there trophies as soon as they come through the finish.

No crashing allowed, but if you do, you're responsible for any damages & costs incurred to you or your bike. All participants are required to sign a waiver (When you sign on). We'll have onsite medics should you need them.

Valleys Xtreme is a solo race. However, you can compete against your mates in the Positions Table as we will not only record the laps but also the checkpoints too.


As soon as you can! There is a discount for registering early!

Dependant on the amount of entries we get, but it will be more expensive and will slow you up through registration. Save time and money by entering beforehand. 


No, you can only use one bike providing the bike passes scrutineering.

No, we accept any bike, no matter how big or small they are. We've had Pit bikes right through to trails bikes. As long as it’s got an engine, you can race on it.

We accept any tyres, be it MX or Enduro. We have no restriction on tyre choice.

If your bike breaks down, PLEASE DON'T venture off the track & make your own way back to the pits (even if you THINK you know the way back!).  The venue is very vast and riders have been known to get lost.

Like-minded riders are known to stop and offer assistance, if not, stop a rider and ask to pass the message onto the next control point or marshal.

Wait where you are and a travelling marshal will be along shortly and can radio through to arrange collection of you and your bike. There is no cost involved, however feel free to buy the marshal a drink after the event.

If you cannot do another lap, simply park your bike in the pits and wait till the race has finished. You can then ride your bike to the finish line, and claim your finishing medal.

If you are still on track and can't finish the lap, simply ride to the next checkpoint (Only ride in the flow of the traffic NOT against it) and make the marshals aware you can no longer complete the race and your finish position will be collated, dependant on what lap and where you are on the track.


For all emergencies, such as being lost, locked-in, etc,.


On-site facilities will include caterers, toilets and refuge areas. We ask kindly that you take most rubbish home with you in order to reduce the time and cost incurred for those closing up the race.

There will be onsite security throughout the weekend. However, the prevent theft/damage we recommend you lock away all valuables*. Please be aware, due to the time of year the gates the Venue will be locked at 9pm & reopened at 7am

*We will not accept responsibility for any theft/damages.

You can have a van in the Pits providing you are entered into the race. No other vehicles will be allowed in this specific area.

Yes, providing you are entered into the race.

Trailer and RV parking is onsite and you will be directed when you arrive at the venue. Trailers and caravans are parked separately from the “day parking”. All vehicles and property therein are left at the owner's risk and the organisers will not be held liable for theft or damage to said vehicles/property.

It's fun, yet physically demanding! We require that all marshals work both days (Saturday & Sunday) However, due to the nature of the event, we require static marshal roles rather than a riding role. We'll definitely put you to work on your shifts.

Please contact our Events Team on:

Dogs are allowed at our events, but MUST be on a lead at all times. Any mess they created should also be cleaned up and disposed of appropriately.


Sunday is the main day for spectating but we do welcome specators on Saturday too, if you do wish to just attend on one of the days or to make a weekend of it then the prices stay the same.

We charge per person regardless of whether you come in a vehicle or not. 

£15 per Adult

£5 per Child 6 - 15yrs 

Children under 5 yrs go FREE

£35 Family of 4

Yes, we provide a FREE minibus service taking you to the No Help Zones. These sections are a key viewing point where you can see the worlds best manhandle their bikes in order to finish.  A catering van & toilets will be provided in these sections. Weather dependant.


Yes, we will have a trader/s available over the duration of the weekend selling clothing, tyres & spares.

If you wish to attend our event with either of the above, email

Gates open at 7.00am - 9:00pm on Friday. Saturday and Sunday times may vary, please see our timetable:

Space will be provided for camper-vans, vans & tents. Otherwise, see the link below for local accommodation. Book early!

You can bring food like any camping trip. We do have full on-site food vendors providing hot and cold food/drink. There are also stores & restaurants within 2-10 miles of the venue.

Trailer, Camper Van, and Caravan parking is onsite and you will be directed when you arrive at the venue. Trailers, camper vans, and caravans are parked separately from the “day parking” to ensure you have more space and a moderate amount of peace and quiet away from the pits.

No. Due to the event being so short, we recommend bringing your own water.

We supply toilets which are dotted all around the campground or you can book your own toilet for £60. We don't offer showers, we recommend bringing a box of baby wipes.

Tesco petrol station in the village of Glynneath, SA11 5EW. Open 6am to 12am. 2.8 miles from the venue.

Continental fuel station in Abercrave, SA9 1SW - 6.4 miles from the venue. Tel: 01639 730279