One of Europe’s toughest Enduro challenges awaits you. Come and test your riding, your determination and your machine against top world class riders.



14:00 - 18:00 Qualifying 

This will kick off with a speed test, with 2 timed runs plus 1 practice run starting in number order 2nd timed run in order of the fastest 1st run, Fastest run counts we will then head to the super Enduro Course which will be under flood light where we will run 2 timed laps plus one practice run fastest time counts, top 10 will then go in to an eliminating round. lap will be Approx 1 mile in the arena area.

Main races kick off on Sunday Morning at 9am and Sunday Afternoon at 12 noon with riders leaving in rows of 15 on the gruelling 10-mile lap.

The track has been designed to provide a challenging and demanding course for a competent level of riders, while spectators will be able to get up close and personal with the riders while helping them find the best lines.


This event is run in accordance with IOPD Standing Regulations for Hare & Hound Endurance type events.

• Clerk of the Course - NICK PLUMB
• Chief Marshal - NICK PLUMB
• Safety Officer - NICK PLUMB


• Venue: Sign-posted off the A4109 coming from Glyn-Neath A465, South Wales. SA11 5TU *Follow Arrows/Signs from here
• Race Type: Saturday - Qualifying,    Sunday - Morning and Afternoon race 2 or 3 lap race
• Track Length: Saturday Qualifying Speed test between 5 to 8 miles approx. Xtreme test 1 mile approx., Sunday 2 races (am & pm) approx. 10 miles


The event is once again held at the world-class facilities of Walters Arena. Here you’ll experience a world of terrains that an average riding experience cannot deliver. The event will start with Saturday Qualifying then followed by the main races on Sunday this is an Extreme event expect it to be very hard.


The main site will be open from 7:00am till 8:00 pm whereupon the main gate will be locked. All riders and spectators wishing to enter MUST show their wristband at all times. Failure to do so will result in non-entry.

Are welcome, Sunday is the main race day but spectators are welcome on Saturday as well. Spectator tickets are £10 per adult and £5 per child for the whole weekend. On Sunday we will provide a minibus taking people to key spectator areas of the course. Please be prepared to get dirty and potentially help riders. Spectators can view the track by following many of the interlinking forestry roads, or by our minibus service (free for paid spectators)  which will take you to the most challenging and demanding parts of the track & the no help zones

Food and drink will be available on site all weekend and marked clearly.

Provision of toilets will also be available on site all weekend and clearly marked.

Those wishing to camp may do so in the designated areas clearly marked. Please check with a steward or marshal first to ensure you have adequate space provided for you and your vehicles. Arriving before gates open on either Saturday or Sunday we would kindly ask you to park away from the gates to allow official vehicles to enter and exit and as soon as the gates open at 7 am we will happily escort you into the designated areas.

There will be a minibus pickup / drop off point to take spectators to check point 3 the mini bus will start and drop off just after check point 1 (You can get to the minibus by following the minibus/spectator signs). While spectators are walking to the pick-up points they will be able to watch plenty of action around them on the surrounding tracks.
The pick-up point for the minibus is from checkpoint #1 (10 minutes from the start)

From these checkpoints, you will be able to see plenty of action and the infamous 3rd lap no help zones
Please Note: the minibus will run dependant on weather and demand.

Please respect and listen to the instructions given by the marshals, failure do to so may lead to exclusion from the event. Any issues must be reported to the information point, checkpoint or chief marshal.
We have two grades of marshals

(Yellow/Purple) Chief/Senior Marshals
(Blue) Track marshals