Xtreme Enduro Race

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th January 2018

Xtreme Enduro Racing

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th January 2018

All the information you need regarding your race is detailed below:

Race Instructions

Are you tough enough to be the King of the Valley?
Saturday will be the qualifying day where the riders will be given a fire road based test, similar to Erzberg Rodeo Iron Road prologue and a Extreme Prologue to challenge all riders in the style of the Sprint Enduro. Both times will be combined to make a qualifying time. Qualifying will sort out the riders starting position for Sunday’s main event.

On Sunday, riders will set off in rows of 25 in to the Welsh forest for 3 long laps.
Despite the lap being so long, spectators will not be cut short and the event will be planned to allow the fans to see plenty of action via the forest’s many interlinking roads or our mini bus which be running throughout the day.

All riders book into their ability class and will be graded by the amount of laps completed.
• 1 laps, Bronze award
• 2 Laps, Silver award
• 3 Laps, Gold award

Every rider that completes a lap will be awarded with a finishers medal, with prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd in the overall.

Riders results will be defined on the number of laps and checkpoints completed to give your overall result. (e.g. Lap 2, Checkpoint 1). The finish flag will come out for the first rider who completes 3 laps. Once the lead rider finishes the race, the 3 checkpoints will close 1hr after the finish.


It is a three lap race, the winner is the person who completes the three laps first – simple as that.

The Valleys Xtreme is open to all, but you need to be an experienced rider to complete the course.

Just come to race?

Riders can just come to race on the Sunday. If you can’t make it on Saturday you can still join in and race on Sunday. You will still be asked to pay the full registration fee and will start from the back of the grid. Please sign in to race control by 8.00 am on Sunday.

The event is open to all riders over the age of 16.

Classes are:

  • Pro/Expert
  • Over 40s
  • Clubman
  • Sportsman

All Practice and first laps will commence in this order. Pro/Expert first, followed by Over 40s, then Clubman, and finally Sportsman. The only variance will come from riders entering on the Sunday, late entries and re-ordering for Lap 2.

  • Venue:  Sign-posted off the A4109 coming from Glyn-Neath A465, South Wales, SA10 9LU
  • Date:  6th & 7th January 2017
  • Race Type:  Prologue & Extreme enduro
  • Track Length:  Approx. 15-18 miles


The course will consist 15 to 18 mile lap. The lap will be of a challenging course through forest trails, gravel tracks and ‘off road’ sections run entirely on private land.

There will be alternative routes as an option for avoiding any technical / extreme sections.

Walters Arena a disused open coal mine with 1,100 acres of amazing welsh forestry. The terrain is hardstanding with plenty of rocks and boulders to catch out unwary riders. It is also home of the Dawn to Dusk Enduro.

Saturday - Qualifying Day               Sunday - Race Day

The timed speed and technical sections run consecutively. Once a rider has completed the ‘technical test’ they go straight into the ‘speed’ test, once all times have been compiled.

Technical practice/qualifying session.
9.30 am - Extreme ‘technical’ practice session.
10.30 am - Technical - timed 1.
11.30am - Technical - timed 2.

All riders complete two ‘extreme’ sections. Both times are added together.

Speed test session.
Speed practice/qualifying session. 7 mile course.
1.00 pm - Speed practice.
2.00 pm - Speed - timed 1.
3.00 pm - Speed - timed 2.

All riders take part in two speed tests. Only the fastest time counts.
Riders go in number order; i.e. 1 first through to 100 last.


Grid order for Sunday’s race is determined by adding together a riders’ fastest ‘speed test’ time with their combined ‘technical’ section times.


10.00 am - Race start. Riders line up in rows of 25 from Saturdays qualifying (fastest to slowest).
The first rider to complete 3 full laps will be the winner. Once the lead rider has crossed the finish line, fireworks will be set off to make the other riders aware that the race is finished.

Once the lead rider finishes the race, the 3 checkpoints will close 1hr after the finish. Once the 1hr is over you will then be escorted back to the finish area by the checkpoint marshals.
Lap times will be around 2 hours for an average Clubman rider. The event will be timed with our officials.
Finish time for the event is 3.00 pm on Sunday.


NB. Each rider will receive a wrist band and race numbers.
Please make sure your bike is fully fuelled and you are also fed and ready as the qualifying session will run straight through without a break.

Pro / Expert, Clubman, Over 40's and Sportsman - prices are the same for all classes.

Early Bird Offers for All Riders

Register before 28th October 2017 - £tbc

Register before 3rd January 2018 - £tbc


Register before 25th November 2017 - £tbc

Register after the 26th November 2017 and before 3rd January 10pm 2018 cut-off - £tbc


Registration on the Race Day - Saturday 6th January 2018 - £130 per rider AND no Pit Crew Member

Riders wishing to ride on Sunday only can do so for £10 less than the fees mentioned above, but please note you will start from the back of the grid.


NB. Payments online will only take a 50% deposit and the remainder MUST be paid on Race Day.

Fee is inclusive of Race Licence & Numbers.

Every rider who finishes at least one lap will receive a Finishers Medal.

Any rider requiring a T-shirt can pay for one alongside their registration form entry or emailing our marketing team at marketing@touratech.co.uk

Please Note: We only accept cash for Race Day registrations. Cancellations will incur a £10 admin charge.

Times for Saturday 6th January 2018

7.00am Site Opens

7.30am - 9am Registration & Scrutineering

9.00am Bikes on Start-line

9.15am Rider Brief on Start-line

9.30am Extreme Practice Lap

10.30am First Extreme Timed Lap

11.30am Second Extreme Timed Lap

12.30pm Break for Lunch

1.00pm Speed Test Practice Lap

2.00pm First Speed Test Lap

3.00pm Second Speed Test Lap

4.00pm Close of First Day Events


Times for Sunday 7th January 2018

7.00am Site Opens

7.30am Track Walk available

7.30am - 9.00am Registration & Scutineering (one day riders only)

9.15am Bikes on Start-line

9.30am Rider Brief on Start-line

10.00am Race Starts - 1st row away

2 to 3hrs depending on lead rider finishing time

2.30pm - 3.00pm Presentation in Mini Marquee


*All times are approximate and subject to change

**Any late registrations outside of the designated times, must ring ahead to notify the registration team of their delay. Call 07885 586386

Valleys Xtreme
Walters Arena
SA10 9LU
United Kingdom

latitude: 51.769041
longitude: -3.614609