Rider Instructions

Rider Instructions

Please find relevant information related to your race. If we haven't answered all your questions, then please feel free to contact us on 01639 841765 or email: info@valleysxtreme.com


All races will commence at 9.30am
Saturday will consist of the qualifying heats to see who lines up in the front row. The qualifying will consist of 2 separate parts, a fire road sprint test (similar to those of the Erzberg Rodeo) and a small extreme style test.

The extreme test will commence at 9.30am for practice and will be over a 0.5 mile circuit. Riders will have three attempts; one being the practice and two timed. Riders will be set off every 10 seconds for the Practice Lap and every 30 seconds for the Timed Laps, and will need to be ready on the Start line. Both extreme times will be added together and added to the fastest sprint time. This will determine your positioning for Sunday's main race.

The sprint test will commence at 1pm approximately and will be approximately 8 miles of forestry roads in length and riders will be able to ride this three times. Once as a practice and twice timed. The fastest time being carried forward. Again riders will be set off every 10 seconds for the Practice Lap  and every 30 seconds for the Sprint Laps and will also need to be ready on the Start line.

Once you have undertaken your race you will have between 40 mins to 1 hour before needing to line up in the Start Area. This will be your only opportunity to rest, refuel and grab something to eat. Please make your way back to the Start Area to be lined up ready for your next race.

The Race Results for Saturdays events will be compiled to establish your position for the Sunday's Main Race. These will be posted online under 'RESULTS' on Saturday night and also available hanging in a printed version in the Pits.


10.00am Start of the Race - Mass start with riders lined up in rows of 25, as designated from their qualifying times from Saturday’s races. Riders set off on a 13-16 mile loop, the first rider to complete 3 full laps will be the winner OR has achieve the greatest distance before being overtaken by our 'Closer Rider' - aka. the 'Stig'.

10.02am - next wave of 25 riders commence the race and so on until all riders have started the main race.

Please Note: Any rider entering for racing on Sunday only, without having undertaken the Saturday qualifier, will commence the race at the back the pack.

Race - normally takes between 3 to 4 hours to complete the 3 laps. Once the 3 hours have passed the ‘End of the Race’, will begin with our ‘Closer Rider’ being sent out to chase down the riders still left out on track. Now it’s you against our very own 'Stig' chasing you down.

Winner - 1st person to complete 3 laps OR advanced the furthest in the allotted time.

1pm - First Firework will be set off at the 3 hour mark to indicate the 'Closer Rider' commencing his race to overtake and eliminate you from the race.

Zip Ties - will be visible on each rider’s bike to indicate the start of their 3rd lap. This will have nothing to do with Transponders or Timing. It merely acts as a quick way for Marshals to visually identify which lap you are on.

The ‘Closer Rider’ will commence on the 3 hour mark (estimated at 1pm) and will chase down all riders left on the course by riding the main lap, minus the ‘No Help Zones’. If you are overtaken by the ‘Closer Rider’ then your race is over, and your time reverts back to the last checkpoint you passed. You will need to ride to the next check-point, where you will be stopped and remain with the marshals there until the ‘Sweeper Rider’ arrives to have you escorted back to the Finish.

The ‘Sweeper Rider’ will leave at the same time as the ‘Closer Rider’ and any riders caught by the ‘Closer Rider’ will escorted back to the Finish by our designated ‘Sweeper Riders’ / Marshals. The Sweeper job will be to ensure the course is clear and you reach a checkpoint safely.

Arrival of our 'Stig' at the Finish - Once the final firework is set off the race is over. Any riders left on the course at this time will have their times recorded to the last checkpoint they passed (before being overtaken by the 'Stig').

2.30pm On - Presentations and photo opportunities with the winners and remaining riders. Please do not forget to collect your Finisher’s Medal, just past the Finishing Line.


Please Note: All timings and adjustments to are at the discretion of the Race Officials and Clerk of the Course.


Your overall position will be defined by how many laps and checkpoints you have completed. (I.E. lap 2, checkpoint 1) Every rider that completes one checkpoint will receive a finishers medal.

The finisher’s medal will be graded by the amount of full laps completed.
Gold: 3 Laps
Silver: 2 Laps
Bronze: 1 Lap

Any rider who is brave enough to attempt the 3rd and final lap will be presented with three “NO HELP ZONES”. At the checkpoint before the 3rd lap challenge the rider will be sent onto a different route and join onto the existing track.

The 3rd lap on the 2015 event proved that the “No Help Zone” was a real struggle for all riders, with many of the riders having to help one another through the section. Even 4 time World Enduro Champion David Knight was seen with his helmet off, dragging his bike to the summit.

For 2017, the organiser Nick Plumb, has confirmed that the “No Help Zone” which proved to be tough for the riders and a great spectacle for the spectating public will be included yet again! Building on from the success from 2015, Nick has decided to add 2 more “No Help Zones” making the riders on their 3rd lap dig deep for that gold finishers medal.

Riders on the same lap are the only ones allowed to help each other at the No Help Zones.

If a rider is seen to be getting outside assistance from spectators, riders from other laps, or pit crew members, this will result in having the 3rd lap disqualified.*

*(The disqualification will be issued by the clerk of the course, marshals or race officials, who will be monitoring the “no help zone” (Race Official's decisions are final)

For the Sunday main race there will be 3 checkpoints throughout the lap. You will need to STOP at each checkpoint in order for your number to be recorded. At the 3 hour mark, The 'Closer Rider' will commence his race to catch you up and overtake you. If he does this you must stop at the next checkpoint or where our Marshals ask you to. Your time will revert back to the last checkpoint you passed before being overtaken by the 'Closer Rider'.

Riders wishing to refuel or take a break before completing their lap can do so, as the Pits will be placed just before the Finishing Line. However it will be the responsibility of the rider to come out of the pits and over the finishing line to record the lap they have just undertaken. This allows for the Pits to act as a 'Holding Pen' prior to the end of the race.

If your bike breaks down on the course or runs out of fuel, you MUST remain on the course and make your way to the nearest checkpoint. Please take your bike with you and be aware of riders coming from behind.


Each rider will receive a wrist band and their race number.

NB. Wristbands must be kept for both days to show you have entered. If you lose your wristband you MUST report to registration to ensure you can ride on Sunday. We reserve the right to refuse entry if you do not have proof of who you are. Driving licence or utility bill with your details will be required to ascertain your identity. Race officials decisions are final.

Please make sure your bike is fully fuelled and you are also fed and ready as the qualifying session will run straight through without a break.


All outstanding monies will need to be paid in full prior to racing on the day you have registered for.

Please Note: We can only accept cash due to location.


Each rider's bike will be fitted with a zip tie on completion of their second lap. This will be used to identify riders entering onto the third and final lap.


Scoring will be undertaken after the Pits and will be recorded one at a time through the chicane, near the Finishing Line. There will also be three checkpoints on the main lap and you WILL HAVE TO STOP in order for your number to be recorded.

Once the Chequered Flags are out at the Finishing Line and Checkpoints, you will not be able to commence any further. You race will be over.


Provision of Race Stickers
Your registration fee includes the provision of you bike number, licence for riding and a recording your times. When you sign in at Registration (at the Main Entrance) we will supply you with one race sticker for you to apply to your bike's front number plate.

We allow Any Bike and Any Tyre to accommodate all riders.

Stickers must be prominently displayed. This is crucial for your timings to be recorded effectively.

Next you will need to make your way to the Start Line to have your bike checked (scrutineering). Once it has been passed you can progress to the start-line.

Your Race Number can be found in the sidebar to the right or by clicking the following links:

ADULT RACE NUMBERS    (available after 5th Jan 2017)

Please Note: No bike will be allowed to race until Registration and Scrutineering have been completed. No stickers, no race. This is to ensure safety for you and fellow riders.


As soon as the race finishes on Sunday we will compile the top three winners for the main prizes in a presentation ceremony, to be held near the Scoring / Pits. Here you will be able to see who is crowned the 'King of the Valleys'.

The overall winner will receive a cheque for £1000, a commemorative plaque and be crowned 'King of the Valleys'. Second and third place will receive goodies to the value of £250 and £150 respectively.

All riders finishing at least one lap will pick up a bronze medal, two laps finishers will receive a silver medal and all riders finishing three laps will receive a gold medal.

Remaining riders that complete checkpoints only will also receive a commemorative coaster.


NB. Presentations will take place after 2.30pm approximately.

View the layout of our top site to orientate yourself around the essential areas required for riders: Registration, Pits, Start Line and more.
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