Adult Regulations


● Venue: Unfortunately there is no Post Code for Walters Arena but the following post code will get you to the traffic lights in Glynneath, SA11 5TU
● Date: 5th/6th January 2019
● Race Type: Prologue & Extreme Enduro
● Track Length: Saturday - Approx. 8 miles Sunday - Approx. 15 miles
● Supplementary regulations permit no: T.B.C

This event is run in accordance with ORPA Standing Regulations for Hare & Hound endurance type events.

● Clerk of the Course NICK PLUMB
● Chief Marshal PAUL CLAYTON
● Secretary of the meeting BECKY PREECE

Organisers Address for postal correspondence:
● Outdoor Welsh Events, Unit 16 Woodlands Business Park, Ystradgynlais, South Wales.
● Tel: 01639 841765

General & Important Notice:

Open to all riders 16 and over.
Please remember that children under the age of 18 will need to have their parent or legal guardian present when signing on.

The event will start and finish at “Walters Arena”, signed off the A4109, near Glyn-Neath, A465, South Wales.

A map to the venue can be found on Google Maps. Please take note of the directions as there are two stretches to the A4109 and the entrance to the event is on the stretch from Glyn-Neath to Ollwyn NOT where the road that passes through the town of Seven Sisters.

• Entries are open shortly after the previous event with early bird savings.
• Entries open:
• Entries will close midnight on Wednesday 2nd January.
• On the day entries are allowed but may be charged at a higher price.

All deposits are non-refundable, except in the likelihood of the event being cancelled. This event is run in accordance with ORPA Standing Regulations for Hare & Hound endurance type events.

The event is open to all riders over the age of 16.
● Pro/Expert
● Clubman A
● Clubman A
● Vets A
● Vets B
● Sportsman

NB. All bikes must be scrutineered in order to race

The course will consist of approximately a 15-mile lap. The course will be of a challenging nature through forest trails, gravel tracks and demanding inclines and declines run entirely on private land.

Saturday & Sunday morning on the start line. All bikes should be on the start line 30mins before the race start.

The start of the prologue qualifying on 5th January will be an “engine running” start, you will be counted down from 5 seconds with riders leaving in 30-second intervals starting at 10.00am. This means you will need to be on the start line with your bike no later than 9.30am.

The start of the morning main race on 6th January will be a dead engine start, with groups leaving from their qualifying time set the day before – the first wave starting at 9.00am. This means you will need to line up on the start line at 8.30am.

Once lined up, you will be allowed to warm up your bikes, and then all engines MUST be switched off by 8.55am.

The start of the afternoon main race on 6th January will be a dead engine start, with groups leaving from the qualifying time set the day before – the first wave starting at 12.00am. This means you will need to line up on the start line at 11.30am.

Once lined up, you will be allowed to warm up your bikes, and then all engines MUST be switched off at 11.55am.

AM Race: 2hrs
PM Race: 3hrs
Race Type: H&H

Every rider that completes one lap will be awarded a finisher’s medal.
The finisher’s medal will be graded by the number of full laps completed.
● Gold: 3 Laps
● Silver: 2 Laps
● Bronze: 1 Lap

In order to be classified as a ‘Finisher’, you need to complete at least one lap.

Any rider who is brave enough to attempt a 3rd lap will be presented by a “no help zone” section. Any riders seen to be getting any outside assistance in the “no help zone” will be penalized and lose the 3rd lap.

• Signing on and scrutineering will start at 8:00 am on Saturday & Sunday morning.
• If you cannot make it for this time you must phone the Event Secretary beforehand, and we will try to accommodate. Phone number to contact or 01639 841765

Front and Rear tyre choices are unrestricted.

The site is on hard ground, people with tents be warned (bring something soft to sleep on)
Parking for caravans and motorhomes will be available; HOWEVER, this is not a public campsite so there is no electricity, showers or running water. You need to bring your own water for drinking and washing. Portable toilets will be provided. Catering will be available daytime both Saturday and Sunday.

Presentation for both races on Sunday will be on site, by the pits at approximately 4pm

Please observe all “walking speed” markers. Remember to stop and help fallen or injured riders, i.e. they are not there for traction! “Bar banging / barging” riders will result in the offending rider receiving a time penalty. Serious incidents may result in exclusion – don’t cost yourself valuable positions or your race by riding irresponsibly.

The pit area, marshalling and lap scoring areas will be signposted and taped out. The limit is one pit crew member per entrant. Individuals are required to provide themselves with a fire extinguisher at their pit site. Bikes must only be ridden at walking speed at all times in the pit area/car park. The penalty is up to exclusion, by a senior marshal's discretion.

Refuelling can only take place in the pit area.
NO SMOKING in the fuel area, the penalty is an exclusion for your rider.
Absolutely NO mini/pit bikes in the pits or surrounding area/venue.

The marshalling and lap scoring areas are OUT OF BOUNDS to all spectators, pit crew and riders with no exceptions. ANY queries / nasty wrangles about lap scoring are to be made to the information point. Likewise, all protests are to be lodged with the Clerk of the Course within 30 minutes of the race results being made public. Do not approach any other race official/volunteer with complaints or protests, as they legally can’t help you. The Clerk of the Course’s decision is final.

Absolutely NO mini/pit bikes in the pits or surrounding area. No pre-riding of the course is allowed. Any competitors found on the venue in the preceding weeks will be jeopardising the future of the event and will, therefore, face exclusion. Only bikes officially entered in the race may be moved around the site during the event. Outside of the race track, you may only ride your bike to and from the pits/parc ferme at walking speed. No riding anywhere else on the venue.

If you break down on the track, you can only continue in the direction of the course. You must not leave the course or take a van out to try to recover your bike. If you do need your bike recovered you can inform the checkpoints, travelling marshals and we will have the bike recovered to the pits. Please make every effort to walk your bike to the nearest mile marker to make it easier for marshals to find you and not waste their time due to you finding other means of picking your bike up or the bike becomes operable again.

Those attending this event do so at their own risk. Please be aware that the health, safety and security of your children, possessions and vehicles are your own responsibility, and the race officials will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, so please take care.
Also, be aware that there are plenty of speed cameras in the local towns and speed restrictions are enforced, be careful of your speed.

If you do need to contact us, please make sure you have read the FAQ’s first – you’ll probably find your answer in here. Otherwise, email or phone 01639 841765.

Any riders to be found cheating, by shortcutting the course will have their time on that lap omitted.
Marshals have been thoroughly trained to spot discrepancies in times due to cheating during this last hour and anyone found to be suspected of cheating will be docked their last lap. Allowance has been made for faster final laps but marshall's decision is final.

The chequered flag is normally raised once the first rider has completed the required amount of laps. Any riders still out on the track, they will be stopped at the next checkpoint, your finish position will be reverted back to the previous checkpoint you rode through.

Stewards are on site from Friday afternoon through to Sunday evening to assist you with your parking. Access to the site is restricted at all times and any vehicle wishing to leave before the event must do so with steward's permission. Stewards will take into account whether you are a day visitor or staying for the full weekend and will, therefore, advise you to park accordingly. All vehicles and their contents are left at the owner's risk and are not covered by our insurance.