This event is run in accordance with ORPA Standing Regulations for Hare & Hound Endurace type events.

• Clerk of the Course - NICK PLUMB
• Chief Marshal - PAUL CLAYTON
• Safety Officer - PAUL CLAYTON
• Secretary of the meeting - ALFIE PLUMB-DARRELL

Address for postal correspondence
• Valleys Xtreme, Unit 14 Woodlands Business Park, Ystradgynlais, South Wales, SA9 1JW UK
• Tel: 07885 586386 / 01639 841765


One of Europe’s toughest enduro challenges awaits you. Come and test your riding, your determination and your machine against top world class riders.

Saturday will consist of the qualifying heats to see who lines up in the front row. The qualifying will consist of 2 separate parts, a fire road sprint test (similar to those of the Erzberg Rodeo) and a small extreme test.

The main race kicks off Sunday at 10am with riders leaving in rows of 25 for 13 to 15 mile laps.
The track has been designed to provide a challenging and demanding course for a competent level of riders, while spectator’s will be able to get up close and personal with the riders while helping them find the best lines.

For full timetable of Saturday's and Sunday's Events please click HERE

David KnightValleys Xtreme Winner 2014 & 2015
“I realised again today why I actually ride and race motorbikes, It was a huge reminder to me that the sport I fell in love with still does exist now and then and that the true ‘Hero’s of Enduro’ still do exist, the weekend riders, the ones that fight to get there and grit their teeth and make it to the finish at all costs, it was great to see and it was an awesome event. Well done to everyone who finished, even the guy who I used for grip in the river, to the marshals helpers and organisers and the enduro fans who stood out and froze all weekend. This event really did make me smile a lot.”