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Saturday 6th:
Riders will compete in x2 timed fireroad sprints and x2 timed extreme tests. Both sprint times will be combined and added to your fastest sprint time to determine your qualifying position for Sunday’s main race in our Heads of the Valleys event.

Sunday 7th:
Riders will race around a 15 mile circuit. Full of challenging climbs, tricky descents, wooded singletrack and fireroad breaks. The 1st rider to complete 3 laps is the winner, the remaining riders will then have 1 additional hour to complete their lap to gain a better overall position.


Rider’s overall positions are determined by the amount of full laps completed:
1 laps, Bronze award
2 Laps, Silver award
3 Laps, Gold award

Valleys Xtreme is Clubman and Sportsman friendly, but yet offers a big enough challenge for Pro’s & Expert riders alike.

Enter now and pay 50% and the rest on race day!

Despite the lap being so long, spectators will not be cut short and the event will be planned to allow the fans to see plenty of action via the forest’s many interlinking roads or our mini bus which will be running throughout the day.

Heads of the Valleys has now been renamed to Valleys Xtreme to differentiate itself from the ACU event run by Paul Edmondson called Ed's of the Valleys, which runs the week after our event. Thereby allowing riders the ability to enter both events and use ours as a warm up event.

Join the most determined riders in the UK.

Valleys Xtreme provides the hardest and most challenging riding in the UK Enduro Calendar.
Set in the Welsh Valleys over two days at Walters Arena | SA10 9LU

Dawn to Dusk Enduro Event 25th & 26th August Bank Holiday 2018

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Highlights of Dawn to Dusk Enduro 2017
David Knightx4 World Enduro Champion
“I realised again today why I actually ride and race motorbikes, It was a huge reminder to me that the sport I fell in love with still does exist now and then and that the true ‘Hero’s of Enduro’ still do exist, the weekend riders, the ones that fight to get there and grit their teeth and make it to the finish at all costs, it was great to see and it was an awesome event. Well done to everyone who finished, even the guy who I used for grip in the river, to the marshals helpers and organisers and the enduro fans who stood out and froze all weekend. This event really did make me smile a lot.”

Bookings go live 29th Sept 2017